Khamis, 6 September 2012


I don't have ay idea what to title my post today so I put untitled there...well firstly I would like to say that It had been few weeks already I haven't post anything here since I am too busy with personal activity and at school..It's like I want to write everything what I have been through till I today but gonna be a long essay to write haha....only that I want to highlight what I felt today, thats going to be fine for me because I am a bit stressed remind myself its not easy to be a make it worse when you have a terrible friends who are hibernating all the time today I am the one to move ahead all of them and they just like following behind me doing nothing...don't they understand it hard to handle everything alone...well never mind I guess they are busy with their work but they also need to understand that untill now I am the one to always worrying about the task being given to carried out...well I know maybe I am the one to feel like this...after all this is only a feeling and if I take it solemnly I will only hurting myself..okay this is their time to behave like they dont have to worry about anything as long as their task is done..but i guess perhaps one day they will realize that it worth nothing to think that they are cool enough to simply take granted over other's advice to myself is to get strong and push them...let them hate you, try once and let see how it will be...hahahah...

Jumaat, 3 Ogos 2012

It's Friday

yeah it's friday and this is the time for me to have a retreat form loaded work to do this week...well nothing much to do actually only my mind become a bit heavy this week due to the class preparation everyday and also trying to complete the portfolio file....and this week there is one occasion that almost ruin my entire week was the teacher in the school trying to provocate while I'm doing some task and while preparing for the 1st observation with my advisor was such a tense moment when I feel powerless to do something to react what he have done....and I'm glad that I did not do nothing but just smile and try to do what he asked me to do which is I think unreasonable..what happened actually is he had asked me to resize the large envolope to fit that time I was unprepared and busy doing my task...he just came up at once saw me doing something and there he is rushily and harshly commanded me like a nasty person...and he was...I was trembling that time, and almost couldn't anything but have to since he was really pushing me to do it....well I know my postion and couldn't do much to fight or to argue..I was too disturbed by him the entire day and almost could not make my lesson during observation..luckily the class ended nicely eventhough not as I wanted it to be...while going back to mind is full with hatred to that particular person..yeah it really made me mad that think of so many ways to retialiate..even I imagined give him a punch for what he is doing if I just could turn back time....but at the end of the day that just a tiny scenario happen not only to me but probably to other people as I say earlier he just want to provokes me and see how I can handle that kind of situation...only that it happened at the wrong time and I am under consiousness to take it easy...on the other hand I want to thank God for giving me that kind of trial such that I become stronger person and alarmed me to be always alert of not to give up to negative emotion while facing alike trouble in the life of mine....kihoooi...;) 

Ahad, 29 Julai 2012


its Sunday...and yeah its really a Sunday because the sun is bright and the sky is clear I woke up in the morning and go out to jog...after 4 round my body is drenched with sweat and felt fresh after that....I went back to my room and take my food today is fried chicken I bought last night with the rice I cook morning before I went out for jogging..after having breakfast I decide to complete the practikum file which I think almost done....then the message alert of my mobile phone remind me to give the signed form of my senior that she asked help to get it from the school counsellor days ago...its just perfect because I also want to borrow her file because there are some form and information that I need to put in my file...while giving the form to her I am a bit shocked when she came carrying two big files...I just take it from her and checked what is inside the big file just my emotion is not stable hahahah.....because suddenly I realized my file isnt almost done but its just started..that's mean I have a lot of work to do ahead of me...kakah...nah sepa suruh jadi cigu...but I'll take it easy and bear it as a fun game to solve...he2....

Jumaat, 27 Julai 2012

1st week of 2nd practical

Today is the last day I'm in school for the first week of this practical phase..and there are 7 more weeks to go after this....let me start with what had happened this entire week....we came to the school on monday,introduce ourself (have 4 other friends having practical in the same school)...arrange the timetabe for the whole 2 month....entering the class, give out the test...have self-introduce session with the pupil, setting rule etc....try to do lesson planning for the subject to be teach....going here and there unpurposely which was sometimes ended being in the music room...having a conversation with the few teacher in school....and today I just felt a bit shameful when I took my Lesson plan book to let the PK 1 to see...when I enter her room to have her signature for the timetable there are two teacher inside..probably today something just went wrong with me which makes me realized that I am too honest to offer her to see the teaching syllabus document that I pasted in the lesson plan book... she was a bit surprised to see that the document is too small to see, because I printed it with multiple pages per sheets for the reason to save spaces in the book...she said it should be printed by pages and unlike what I did....I try to expain to her that it is allright since I saw my friend doing the same thing before..but she look dissatisfied with it....the two teacher saw everthing and even look like teasing me which turn me to feel shameful I am in that situation...but before I leave the room I said to the PK that the document pasted on the book is just for my reference and to facilitate me to make my lesson plan...and say to her that the syllbus document for whole subject that I'am going to teach is in the file...which latter she understood...there are blends of feeling facing that awkward situation..after I leave the room there is a voice accross my head telling why you did not tell her earlier the syllabus on the book is just for your own reference not for her to check...then only I realized that I need to learn to be slightly cunning while talking to others next time so that I could dwell on good excuses to get rid from embarrassment.....ahahaha.....

Selasa, 24 Julai 2012

2nd day of practikum

Today I had been assigned to distribute the monthly test to my year 5 class...this is the first session I would have been with them and I really hope that it was supposed be a nice ice breaking with them...what to do..the new teacher came and directly gave them the test....they must hate it....haha....anyway while handling the test I managed to have a short conversation with some of them and ask their surname so that It will be easier for me to get to know more of them later...during the test I also encountered  uncomfortable situation when the toilet odour went all over the was so strong, but my student look relax as nothing happen...probably they were get used with it...however the school need to think to solve the problem or else it won't be condusive for the pupil if they want to learn comfortably in the class...I ask them whether or not they always facing the same problem...they say yes but it won't be long and there are true when the odour start to vanish half an hour later....I imagined how would be the lecturer's reaction when he is observing me I think I need to bring my pupil to have a class somewhere away from their class to avoid the problem later...I asked if the pupil are fasting today,..they said yes..but a few of them say no that I found out that some of them are actually non-muslim...I get interested because I'm not the only one not fasting in the class...actually as I know that they are non-muslim I also want to know what is their races...and to my surprise all of them are kadazandusun..there are five of them...and that make me more happy to know that I could find someone who have similarity with me...the two among the five of them is twin..and they look really similar...I wondered why their seat is separated and they say It is because they are naughty...but to let u know, I have just finished checking their test paper and guess what..both of them are topping the other class of them get the highest mark and the other one get the third highest just 1 mark difference from the second....haha..I could not wait to teach them next week and I am trying to make sure that it will be a fun class for them...I have already told them to bring their colour pencil, and surely it will involve drawing activity...and of course I will bring them out from their class to avoid the stingy odour from the toilet...hihihi...

Isnin, 23 Julai 2012

Teacher and ICT 2

I had been past few weeks I haven't continue my thought on the previous post...well since that I am having two month practical start today I will also relate this post with anything about the practical work....but firstly I would like to say that ICT also help me a lot to improve my right now I know that I don't have a good command in English...I started this blog because I want to say whatever I would like to say and express my thought the way I like without thinking about the rules, the sentences or anything to do about english.....I want to see myself making error and getting something from it...why???...because I thought thinking too much about whether I am using the language right or wrong will only retard my don't mind my english....I'll just write whatever sentence come to my mind and I won't care too much if it is suitable to use or not as long I can use the language.....well....hopefully this will help me tremendously...Owh...talking about the relation of my practical and ICT, well obviously during this practical I will use ICT a lot to search for an information especially any material such as picture, video or sound as my teaching material in my class....on the other hand, since the education philosophy also emphasized more on technology nowadays its make sense that I am going to use this facility...I already started using this since practical 1 so I think I shouldn't talk much about this or else it will become nonsense....but once again I want to remind myself to just write what ever comes to my mind...AND without worrying about grammar, sentences or the english rules.....I'll just write....from now on I will continue doing like this in this blog....I'll let my mind think freely and fly beyond limitation....this way I think the ict will make a way for my hidden intelligence to shine through and become more mature.....okay i'll stop...don't want to say any rubbish anymore....hihihi....

Jumaat, 22 Jun 2012

Teacher and ICT

I just have visited few teacher's blog and school's website just now and I realized that many school already advanced their application of the ICT to use it as a tool to tell or to publish whatever activity they have done... there is one aspect that I realized as a future teacher that need to learn and mastered as to be a competent teacher and that is to know how to use the ICT very has been one of the machine that helped our world to change its landscapes has also changed how we connect to each other and how information is spreads and shared..however without inner awareness of how this machine work we can just become obsessive to it and consumed much of our time while using it's application especially internet and so, instead of just using it for entertainment,socializing etc we should really harness it to make us more creative,productive and informative...through blog we can share experiences, notes, lesson plan and at the same time push our mind to think out of box to make our blog exciting not only for ourselves but also the readers...(to be continue)